What is the lifespan of an electric car battery?

New energy cars have become the future development trend, however, for new energy cars, the key is the battery, and the quality of the battery will affect the driving experience car. So the question is, how long is the battery life of a new energy car? Also, how much does it cost to replace a battery?

Battery life

It is estimated that a typical electric vehicle battery will lose about 2.3% of its capacity each year.
If used normally, the battery life of a PHEV is 5-10 years and that of a BEV is 10-20 years. The larger the battery capacity and the longer the pure electric range, the longer the battery life.

Cost of Battery Replacement

Generally speaking, it costs about $60-80,000 to replace the entire battery of the vehicle, however, to eliminate consumer concerns, many manufacturers have introduced trade-in services, and overall, the price to replace the entire battery is about $3500.

How to extend the life of the battery

In fact this battery can also extend his service life, it is simple to keep driving at a constant speed, violent driving will cause some damage to the battery. In addition, if the battery is charged for a long time, its life will be greatly reduced, so regular charging is the key.

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