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Automotive suspension is a device that elastically connects the frame and axle in a vehicle. It is generally composed of elastic elements, guiding mechanism, shock absorbers and other components, and its main task is to moderate the impact transmitted to the frame by the uneven road surface to improve the comfort of the ride, which determines the handling stability and smoothness of the truck.

The suspension is composed of elastic elements, guide devices, shock absorbers, cushion blocks and lateral stabilizers, etc.

The suspension for vehicles is divided into front suspension and rear suspension depending on the connected bridge and location.

Front suspension

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The front suspension is the suspension connected with the front axle. It is mainly composed of steel plate spring, damper, transverse stabilizer bar, buffer block and other parts, and is divided into two types of front suspension for single front axle and double front axle.

Front suspension for single front axle, mostly used in 4×2 and 6×4 models.

Front suspension for double front axle, used in 6×2, 8×4, 8×2, etc.

Rear Suspension

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Rear suspension for single rear drive axle: mainly consists of steel plate spring, damper, transverse stabilizer bar, cushion block and other components. The rear suspension for single rear drive axle is mostly used for 4×2, 8×2, 6×2 and other models.

Suspension for double rear drive axle, consisting of steel plate spring, balance shaft assembly, thrust rod, buffer block, etc. The suspension for double rear drive axle is mostly used in 6×4, 8×4 and other models.

Types of suspensions

The suspension is divided into steel plate spring suspension, air suspension, air suspension for follow-on (floating) axle, rubber suspension and oil and gas suspension according to different structures.

Leaf Spring

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Leaf Spring is one of the most widely used elastic elements in automobile suspension, which is a combination of several pieces of alloy spring of equal width but not equal length to form an elastic beam of approximately equal strength.

Leaf Spring can be divided into multi-piece steel plate spring suspension and few-piece steel plate spring suspension.

Advantages: simple structure, reliable work, low cost and easy maintenance. It is both the elastic element of the suspension and the guiding device of the suspension. At the same time, it also has a certain frictional damping effect itself.

Disadvantages: can only be used for non-independent suspension, heavy weight, high stiffness, poor comfort, longitudinal dimension, not conducive to shortening the front and rear overhangs of the car, easy wear of the steel plate spring pin at the connection with the frame, etc.

Multi-leaf leaf spring suspension: Heavy duty

Less leaf spring suspension: Light duty

Air suspension:

Advantages: The suspension adopts the air suspension system, which is light weight and improves the load-bearing capacity of the whole vehicle.

Disadvantage: High cost.

Other suspension components

Shock Absorber

Lateral stabilizer bar

Balance Shaft

Thrust Rod

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