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Overall chassis length


Cargo size L×W×H




Maximum power


Maximum torque



Front 1.5T/Rear 3T

DongFeng 4x2 diesel light cargo truck


  • Light truck grade straight-through beam frame has stronger load-bearing capacity and is less prone to breakage compared to

curved beam frame. Axle tube type front axle, more stable, more reliable and lower maintenance cost. 780mm wide longitudinal

beam, 1335mm rear wheelbase, smooth turning, no shaking, smoother driving.

  • Equipped with Liuji gasoline engine, leading technology, lower fuel consumption, reliable quality, power covers 1.3L, 1.5L, to meet different needs.
  • With 5-speed double cone synchronizer transmission, strong power, with shift feel device, increase the sense of shift inhalation, more soft shift.

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According to customer needs, we can provide customs clearance coordination, delivery guarantee, proper driving & maintenance training, exclusive spare parts advice, on-site service support, and service solutions to fully guarantee the convenient use of passenger vehicles.

Payment Plan

According to the customer’s financial strength and credit status, we can rely on Dongfeng Finance to provide a variety of financial solutions, such as letters of credit, credit sales, internal and external loans, to help customers purchase cars easily.

Truck Chassis Modification

According to your actual needs, we can provide professional modification services on the basis of existing main sales models to meet customers’ individual needs.Any special requirements can be catered for: modifications, bodywork, installing hydraulic tailgates, dumpers, dismountable bodies, refrigeration units, tachographs, speed limiters, respraying, lettering, etc.

Special Vehicle

We export of various special vehicle, such as road rescue truck, water trucks, tank trucks, garbage trucks, fecal suction trucks, sewage suction trucks, dump trucks, van trucks, semi-trailers, trucks with cranes, high-altitude operation trucks, training trucks, bulk cement trucks, chemical liquid trucks, fire engines, truck fittings, cement mixers and tractors, etc

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