How to Choose and Buy an Electric Truck

A clear trend can now be seen is that urban distribution logistics vehicles are increasingly using new energy logistics models, especially some large logistics enterprises, are adding or replacing new energy logistics vehicles.

The advantages of electric trucks

  1. Low cost of use No maintenance
    With rising oil prices, it seems that in the long run, pure electric logistics vehicles can save a lot of costs each year.
    In addition, new energy logistics vehicles also save a large part of the maintenance costs, new energy truck motor, electronic control, battery system under normal circumstances almost no need for maintenance.
  2. High degree of data easy to manage
    New energy source truck itself comes with a variety of battery, motor monitoring information, itself comes with the characteristics of data, only need to later add the function of data transmission background, you can realize the logistics company’s real-time management of operating vehicles. Unlike traditional diesel vehicles, it needs to add many additional sensors. 3.
  3. More suitable for urban operating conditions, the advantages are outstanding
    Urban distribution logistics vehicles generally travel about 200 km per day, and the transport range is only within the city and the surrounding areas, the actual range of the general pure electric power logistics vehicles are above 200 km, which basically meets the needs of urban distribution. In the same urban stop-and-go operating conditions, the operating costs of pure electric logistics vehicles will not change significantly, while diesel vehicles bring about the increase in fuel consumption, as well as long-term stop-and-go wear and tear for the engine, in these aspects, the advantages of pure electric logistics vehicles is still relatively outstanding.
  4. No pollution and no noise in line with urban development requirements

Considerations for choosing a new energy truck

  1. Look at the brand. Electric motor, electric control, battery system is the core components of electric truck, choose big brand can greatly reduce the failure rate of the car, reduce the late maintenance costs.
  2. Look at the endurance milage. At present, the 100-degree electric light truck can reach 240-260 kilometers at room temperature, the endurance milage is related to battery capacity, but increase the battery capacity is also increasing the weight of the vehicle, which in turn affects the range and loading capacity, need to make a comprehensive consideration to choose.
  3. Look at the weight. As the new energy light truck weight is higher than the fuel light truck, the current 100 degrees of electricity light truck weight in 3.1 tons, if more than too much is recommended that customers do not consider.
  4. Look at the price and battery brand. The price of new energy light truck is mainly composed of three parts: the vehicle body, power battery and government subsidies. Vehicle price depends largely on the power battery. And the performance of the battery is very important, it is recommended that customers would rather expensive to buy a big brand.
  5. Look at the motor and rear axle. At present, the new energy light truck has two drive modes: 1, the traditional way, the motor fixed in the middle of the frame position, through the drive shaft to the rear axle drive; 2, electric drive bridge, that is, the motor, reducer, axle three integrated fixed together, higher transmission efficiency, total weight is light (eliminating the drive shaft and motor fixed bracket), cab noise is lower (motor in the back, covered by the cargo compartment noise transmission can not be cab), is a major trend in the future of new energy light truck. Is a major development trend of new energy light truck in the future. But two kinds of technology which is better, need to be judged according to the actual road conditions of users if often take bad roads, the vibration of the electric drive bridge, the motor life has an impact on the choice is not recommended; if all take the city roads, it is recommended to choose the electric drive bridge.
  6. Service maintenance network. In theory, new energy light truck repair and maintenance is less than fuel light truck. But because of the high pressure system, the street auto repair store does not have the ability to repair and maintain the new energy light truck, so it can only be repaired and maintained by the manufacturer’s designated repair store, and the parts are not common to all brands. So be sure to confirm the after-sales service before you buy.

Recommended Truck


  1. Completely self-developed.Dongfeng is the leading light truck brand in China and has its own leading research team in the field of electric vehicles. The EV18 is Dongfeng’s high-end electric car, which will be exhibited at the German Motor Show soon and has already gained a lot of recognition in Europe.
  2. Using two 150 mAh large power battery, can achieve a range of more than 300 km.
  3. Simple appearance, rich in technology, comfortable and beautiful interior
  4. A full set of L2 autonomous driving hardware is equipped with BSD blind zone monitoring, FCW forward collision warning, LDW lane departure warning, AEB automatic emergency braking system, ACC adaptive cruise control and LKA lane keeping system.
  5. Connect the car terminal and cell phone terminal, through the safety network linkage function, users can simply operate in the mobile terminal to complete the remote locking, wake up, security gateway and even monitor the vehicle and other functions
  6. The length of the cargo box can reach 4.2m, the maximum volume can reach 20.3㎡, the cargo box volume increased by 14%, the largest cargo box volume in similar products
  7. This electric vehicle is currently the leading domestic sales
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