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truck ukraine

In order to meet the demand of the Eastern Europe market for a wide range of different vehicles, we have set up a subsidiary in Eastern Europe. Vehicles that have been exported to Eastern Europe include coach buses, pickup trucks, light trucks, and dump trucks.The establishment of a subsidiary in Eastern Europe will enable us to better communicate with local customers, know customers’ customized needs, and facilitate our after-sales work.

Customized modification of different models is also a major feature of our company. Due to the low temperature in Eastern Europe, we will optimize and refit the vehicle according to the environment and customer needs, such as adding cold start, adding fuel preheating system, adding electric control and electric heating rearview mirror, and electric tilting of cab, etc.

DongFeng dump truck in Ukraine Exhibition and Conference

The customer gives us feedback on the pictures of pickup truck、light truck received

We has modern workshop facilities, enabling customization of trucks done to the highest standards of craftmanship and meeting requirements and agreed specifications. 

We has a highly experienced team of mechanics, ready to cater for any special requirements. Modifications, bodywork, installing hydraulic cranes, dumpers, or anything else.The customer only has to ask and we will carry out. It is no problem to adjust the chassis, lengthen it, shorten it or replace the suspension system; design and construct mobile workshops; install tanks, dumpers, hydraulic cranes, carry out spraying and lettering.

The dump truck chassis is ready for customized modification in the factory

The advantages of our products are a wide range of different vehicles, flexible configuration, high degree of customization and reliable after-sales service. We can meet your needs in various working conditions, for a variety of different models. If you choose us, don’t worry about the future. Because we always believe SALES IS HALF THE DEAL, SERVICE COMPLETES IT.

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