What is the lifespan of an electric car battery?

New energy cars have become the future development trend, however, for new energy cars, the key is the battery, and the quality of the battery will affect the driving experience car. So the question is, how long is the battery life of a new energy car? Also, how much does it cost to replace a […]

How to Choose and Buy an Electric Truck

A clear trend can now be seen is that urban distribution logistics vehicles are increasingly using new energy logistics models, especially some large logistics enterprises, are adding or replacing new energy logistics vehicles. The advantages of electric trucks Low cost of use No maintenanceWith rising oil prices, it seems that in the long run, pure […]

China TOP 5 brand truck manufacturers and supplier list

truck cover

Of the top 5 truck producers in China, all are local companies. The top five truck producers include First Auto Works FAW, Dongfeng, Sinotruk, Shacman, and Auman Foton, companies that are household names in China, but are unknown in the world. regard me as your most potential supplier. If you have any needs? Contact me,let’s […]

Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Truck

maintenance truck

Whether you just bought a new truck or have had one for a long time, routine truck maintenance is critical to keeping it in top shape. Regular maintenance will allow you to spot problems early on before they turn into major issues that drain your bank account.Keeping your vehicle in good shape by performing regular […]

Truck Chassis Modification

truck factory

Customized modification of different models is also a major feature of our company.We has a highly experienced team of mechanics, ready to cater for any special requirements. Modifications, bodywork, installing hydraulic cranes, dumpers, or anything else: the customization of trucks is one of the many services that we can offer you. You can buy chassis […]

Truck Suspension Systems

truck suspension construction

Introduction Automotive suspension is a device that elastically connects the frame and axle in a vehicle. It is generally composed of elastic elements, guiding mechanism, shock absorbers and other components, and its main task is to moderate the impact transmitted to the frame by the uneven road surface to improve the comfort of the ride, […]