Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Truck

maintenance truck

Whether you just bought a new truck or have had one for a long time, routine truck maintenance is critical to keeping it in top shape. Regular maintenance will allow you to spot problems early on before they turn into major issues that drain your bank account.Keeping your vehicle in good shape by performing regular truck maintenance will distance you from operational delays and will boost the productivity of your fleet.

Do regular Inspections to Prevent Failures

A regular inspection process could also help us provide a good quality delivery business. Performing simple examinations will help you recognize symptoms of the unhealthy engine. 

Change the Engine Oil and Filter

Changing the oil is the best way you can have to keep your truck running better and longer.On average, engines age every few thousand miles, and this is especially true for trucks that spend a lot of time on the road. Every engine eventually wears out, but fresh oil can prevent this from happening prematurely.That’s why more frequent oil changes are recommended, especially for trucks that receive heavy loads when you need them, they are invaluable.

A clean air filter can go a long way toward reducing your fuel consumption and helping your engine run more smoothly. As a filter gets clogged, it can reduce the amount of air getting into your engine, reducing power and lowering fuel economy.

Check the Electrical Systems

The main compositions of electrical systems are motor, battery, and alternator. They are essential for an engine to start; it provides power to keep your truck running. Every electronic part of a truck should be inspected, make sure that the wires are not loose and do not show any signs of tear.

Check Your Fluid Levels

You should also check the engine coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid on a regular basis, in addition to the engine oil. Verifying your engine oil, coolant, transmission, brake, power steering and other underhood fluids only takes a few minutes and is an easy way to avoid major problems.

Check your tires

It’s critical to rotate your tires on a regular basis to ensure that all four of your truck’s tires have the same amount of treadwear. Rotating your tires on a regular basis will help them last longer. We all know how dangerous a tire blowout can be on the highway, so avoid the cost, delay and danger of a blowout by inspecting your tires often.

Check your gearbox and clutch

The combination of high-torque engines and heavy loads mean your gearbox and clutch are worked hard every time you hit the road. A regular inspection of your gearbox and verification that it is functioning properly can help you catch problems as they arise. You will also want to ensure that your clutch isn’t slipping, as this can affect reliability and fuel economy.

Replacement of Parts

The parts wear out and you replace them. right? Buy the parts you know are prone to wear and tear. We can not avoid some parts to wear out over time, and it’s natural. But having a worn-out part on our truck’s interior could sabotage the whole operation. What we can do is to prevent this from happening by doing a part replacement.


Maintenance Tips: Make sure that checking for leaks and slop in drivetrain parts is on your routine truck maintenance checklist. As a best practice, you should lube all applicable parts and fittings before each haul.

The schedule for different parts of truck

Engine Parts for Tractor Truck

Change engine oil every 30000KM or 3Month a time for Tractor Truck

Change oil filter every 30000KM or 3Month a time for Tractor Truck

Change fuel filter every 15000KM or 3Month a time for Tractor Truck

Engine Parts for Dump Truck

Change engine oil every 10000KM or 3Month a time for Dump Truck

Change oil filter every 10000KM or 3Month a time for Dump Truck

Change fuel filter every 10000KM or 3Month a time for Dump Truck

Air compressor

Shaft seal:Check leakage trace with white paper every week

Belt:Check tightness with expansion wheel and check wear every two month

Bolt:Check tightness, check and change all of them Every week

Electrical component

Connecter:Check looseness of wire clamp plugs every month

Solenoid clutch:Check if specified requires has been got every season

Solenoid clutch bearing:If it cannot turn steadily pls change every year

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