Dongfeng Trucks is one of Chinese leading truck brand. and it was established in1969. Dongfeng is the second largest automobile manufactory in China and also in the list of World top 500. We have 52 years experience in automobile manufacturing.The product range covers heavy and medium duty trucks, for demanding operations in long haul, regional and local distribution and for tough construction, mining and off-road operations.



Dongfeng Trucks has its own R&D and production resources in China. The product range covers heavy and medium duty trucks, for demanding operations in long haul, regional and local distribution and for tough construction, mining and off-road operations.the business of Dongfeng has grown from Xiangyang to Wuhan, Shiyan to Shouguang in Shandong Province, and its main business, light vehicles, has grown from a single light truck platform to light trucks, buses, construction vehicles, pickups and other product ; while developing traditional fuel vehicles, it also vigorously develops new energy vehicles such as pure electric vehicles to meet the differentiated needs of customers in multiple directions. The powertrain business undertaken by Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Light Engine Co., Ltd. has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad.


Advanced Technology

Dongfeng Trucks Final Assembly factory is a leading manufacturing plant in China with an accumulated volume of nearly 5 million units.Stamping adopts the first domestic servo press stamping production line, making stamping manufacturing an industry benchmark; welding adopts a highly automated and flexible welding production line, with 69 welding robots, which can effectively ensure the strength of body welding and the consistency and stability of body skeleton precision

Dongfeng Trucks Engine factory is the only engine manufacturer capable to produce gasoline, diesel and natural gas engines.the plant was founded in 1969 and is the only domestic manufacturing plant that produces automobile, diesel and natural gas engines at the same time.The assemblies mainly include four-cylinder gasoline engines, six-cylinder gasoline engines, six-cylinder diesel engines and natural gas engines. The products cover 2 liters ~ 11 liters, power 90 ~ 420Ps, and can reach National II and National III emission standards.

Dongfeng Trucks Axles.In 2005, through a joint venture with Dana Corporation of America. was identified as an important commercial vehicle axles company in Asia.The company has Shiyan factory, Xiangfan factory and axle parts factory, covering a total area of 800,000 square meters and employing 8,284 people. It is the largest specialized, multi-species and full series axle production base in China.

Dongfeng Trucks Gearboxes.In 2008, through a joint venture with ZF(Friedrichshafen). The company covers an area of 182,700 square meters, has 1,640 employees, total assets of 400 million yuan, and an annual comprehensive production capacity of 165,000 units, making it one of the large commercial vehicle transmission manufacturers in China.

Leading Technical Center

AS A leading technical center for heavy and medium duty trucks in China, Dongfeng Trucks R&D center is located in the cities of Wuhan and Shiyan.Our product endurance is built into every part and major component. From cabs, to chassis and drivelines, this will ensure reliability and uptime for our customers.

Dongfeng Motor Test Track is the largest test track in China with the highest design standard and the most complete test track function, and it is also the largest test track in Asia at present, where 70% of the new cars in the country are tested. Covering an area of 3.67 square kilometers, it has 1 automobile test site and 17 test laboratories with professional directions, and its business scope covers more than 1,200 vehicle and parts enterprises at home and abroad.



September 28,1969. the first Chinese made auto plant was founded in the city of Shiyan, Hubei province.

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