Additional information

GVW / curb weight

25000 / 14600kg


9950+3400+ 1350(mm)

Maximum power/speed


Maximum torque/speed




Tire model


Dongfeng KC 8x4 heavy dump truck

kc 2 (1)

kc 1 (1)

  • With strong powertrain, solid chassis and outstanding reliability, the Dongfeng KC is a true representative for the heavy-duty engineering at Dongfeng Trucks.

The truck can easily be adapted to various assignments and is widely used for heavy construction site works, mining operations and other off-road operations. The truck

is also frequently used for heavy duty transports, including highway operation.

  • Dongfeng cummins engine bring the best balance between loading request, fuel efficiency and emission. Powerful six cylinder engine, maximum torque output

of 1,500 Nm, ensures engine power reserve, accelerating ability and grade ability.

  • The truck is equipped with ZF 16-speed transmission.The maximum torque output of 1,740 Nm.adaptable for off-road operations. Optimized ratio

steps and bigger ratio spread provides less fuel and more power.

  • Rear axle provides high torque output and a wide ratio range. Integrated main reducer housing, secure light weight, high strength and good sealing

performance. Patented lubrication pump technology for middle axle and oil lubrication on main components, will efficiently prevent burn-out of bearings.

  • Adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning system, power-operated windows, central locking. The Dongfeng KC is available as left-hand or right-hand drive.

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