Additional information

Overall size L×W×H




Maximum speed


Inside dimension of cargo box


Maximum design total GVW

3000 (kg)

Front/rear wheel track (mm)


Dongfeng electric cargo van delivery passenger van

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  • Pure electric vehicles have obvious advantages over conventional power in terms of cost of use. The longer you drive, the more you save
  • Original imported WIA gearbox.More power and less energy consumption (5% power saving)
  • High battery capacity for longer range

The whole vehicle power is 69.1kW.h, and the driving range is more than 260Km
The total power consumption is 72.85kW.h, and the driving range is more than 280Km
The whole vehicle power is 80.4kW.h, and the driving range is over 320Km

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Can be converted into police cars, school buses, refrigerated cars, caravans and other special vehicles

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