Additional information

Engine Model



3600+1350 mm,3900+1350 mm



Maximum power

324kW 440HP

Max. torque

1880Nm at 1100-1500 rpm

Rear axle

13 tons



Dongfeng 6x4 CNG/LNG tractor truck

CNG tractor
Export 50 cng tractor to South Amrican


  • Recommended areasHigh -speed logistics, miscellaneous cargo flow, hazardous chemicals,logistics, coal standard transport
  • The engine net power is 245kW, 271kW, 272kW,299kW,optional high top and with shroud flat roof cab. Optional front framestructure.

Optional speed limit device and front wheel disc brakes, speed limit 80km/h. ABS, ABS model for the ABS-E 4S/4M,manufacturer for the

Weibo Ke vehicle control system (China). The car to do dangerous goods transport vehicles, only use 315180R22.5 tires. Optional

cylinder, with the installation of satellite positioning function of the driving recorder. Optional cab rear skirt.

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