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Fast 6AMT

Dongfeng 4x2 new 2021 light cargo truck



  • Excellent exterior and interior design
  • There are more options for the upper part of the cargo compartment, and the actual model is of the rail type,

while the cargo compartment style can be chosen from the van type and the warehouse grill type. At the same time,

the cab also provides single row, row and a half, double row of choice.

  • Compared with the traditional steel carriage, aluminum alloy can significantly reduce the weight of the carriage

and at the same time, there is a greater increase in corrosion resistance and durability.

  • The highest level of safety (European collision regulations, ESC, etc.)

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  • The instrument panel is a full LCD instrument, with an avant-garde design, displaying a wealth of

information, such as air brake pressure, average fuel consumption, battery voltage, water temperature, etc.

This makes it more convenient for the driver to read the information.

  • Engine: Nissan technology engine stable and reliable
  • Transmission: also from a large manufacturer of Faster C6J45T six forward gear manual transmission, the

material is aluminum alloy shell, for the weight reduction of the car has a greater help.

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