Additional information

GVW / curb weight

18000 / 6805 kg


3500 mm+1350 mm

Maximum speed

105 km/h

Engine rated power

283 kW (385 hp) / 1900 rpm

Max. torque

1800 Nm / 1100 – 1500 rpm


Euro2, Euro3, Euro4, Euro5

Dongfeng 4x2 heavy tractor truck cargo truck

kl (1)


  • With a reliable powertrain, wide power range, various driving configurations, a solid and reliable chassis, the Dongfeng KL brings together trust, professionalism and global technique.
  • Typical transport assignments range from: dangerous cargo, refrigerated goods, agricultural product to general cargo and light goods.
  • Dongfeng DDi11 engine is the inline six-cylinder four-stroke turbocharged and inter cooled diesel engine,with the displacement
  • Rear axle with large torque output and a wide ratio range. Integrated main reducer housing with light weight, high strength and good sealing. High-specification bearing, ensures reliability of transmission parts. The patented lubricating pump technology for the middle axle, effectively prevent burn-out of bearing.
  • 14 forward gears, two reverse gears with max torque output of 2,000 Nm. Rear auxiliary transmission introduces the planetary gear train with even loads. The short-stroke synchronizer, ensures smooth and convenient gear shifting.

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