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7.00R16 8/12PR

Dongfeng 4x2 ev truck electric delivery cargo van

1280画板 1

Ultra wide cabin

1900mm wide cab, satisfies the law three person seat,the vision is wider.

Super large electric rearview mirror

visual field increase 80%,permanent connection ,good anti-shake

Electric regulation of external rearview mirror、Heating function

Design of Left and Right Cross

The channel was widened from 75 mm to 385mm,There is no partition in the main and auxiliary

driving position, which is convenient for the driver to rest and relieve driving fatigue.

ev18 2

Carriage volume is bigger than the competitor 12.7%

Frame width widened to 800 mm,Carriage length extended to  4200mm,maximum volume 20.3m³

Battery Safety System

Adopt high strength battery protection grille,Effective against impact

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